We specialize in hydraulics equipment for commercial, industrial & automotive applications including cylinders, (large assortment of chrome shafting & honed tubing), pumps, motors, PTOS, steering gears & components, bailer service, valves & pressure controls, hoses, jacks & lifts, (service & installation on all car, truck & bus lifts, inground & above ground lifts), parts department & lubrication sales & service (tank packages, pumps, hose reels, meters & fluid control systems). We offer a full machine shop, an in-house nut buster, welding, and we have the ability to manufacture custom cylinders.

We are dedicated to maintaining a lasting relationship with our customers by having a clear understanding of their needs and best interests, and using all of our resources to exceed their expectations.

We provide our customers with the best quality service and products with honesty and integrity to achieve the highest personalized service available.

C & C Hydraulic has technicians available to service your hydraulic components at your facility by appointment only. This service is limited to Connecticut and some cities in Massachusetts and New York. C & C Hydraulics offers free pick-up and delivery for any parts needing service for customers in Connecticut and some Massachusetts and New York cities, provided the parts have been removed from the equipment.